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According to local media, Mr De Paauw told Ms Paterson that backpackers were more likely to get eaten by crocodiles than Australians , and was ready to back up his words. Accepting a dare to jump from the wharf into the crocodile-infested Johnstone River, he was grabbed almost immediately by a crocodile. Queensland teen attacked by croc to impress a girl says stunt left him in pure agony. #9News Nine News Brisbane (@9NewsBrisbane) 20 March 2017 "At that point, I punched it in the snout", De Paauw said from his hospital bed in Cairns. "My second hit, I got it straight in the eye, and then it let go." De Paauw suffered serious injuries to his left arm and underwent surgery at Cairns Hospital. "I think he's very brave to be, you know, in such high spirits after what happened," said Ms Paterson, who said she has agreed to go on a date with Mr De Paauw. "She's beautiful, caring and kind," said Mr De Paauw. Asked to account for his own actions, Mr De Paauw was under no illusions. "Stupidity," Mr De Paauw said, "You know there's crocs there." View photos A warning sign in the tropical north of Queensland Credit: Rex More The teenager has been released from hospitalbut said he will go back in later on Tuesday for another procedure. The crocodile that attacked the 18-year-old is reportedly well known to locals. Its said to be around three metres long, and frequently swims around the boats ported along the Johnstone River.

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